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SofCom Platinum

Quick Overview:

SofCom Platinum is a service oriented software which sends simple and dynamic SMSs, simple and dynamic voice calls, simple and dynamic e-mails in bulk amounts with Interactive Communication System.


Item Details

This software can be used in schools, colleges, hospitals, event managment companies, to create interactivity between client and server. The software is capable of sending both plain and dynamic textual messages to the mobile phones with Time and Date Scheduling. It is capable of receiving and storing unlimited number of Messages in computer, received from the numbers which are listed in document (customizable). We can store the contacts in it and also possible to store the contacts as different groups for our reference to make work easy.

It is capable of dialing multiple phone numbers which is fetched from data base or excel spread sheet or notepad or even manual feed. Upon dialing and after getting call acknowledgement, the software triggers the pre-recorded 30 sec (or more than a minute) voice to the receiving end and hangs up. In case of no answer to the call, it will keep a log of it and dials the same number after some fixed amount of time.

This software also helps to send emails of in two formats simple e-mail sending format and dynamic emails. It allows the user to schedule the voice transmission and message broadcasting to any specific date(s) and time.

Most important feature of the software is, it comes with multiple phone connection mode to single pc. i.e, up to 5 mobile phones can be connected to the computer and can be assigned to perform different tasks at a time.