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Educational Institution Total Quality Management Module

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In the mid of 80’s say 1985-86 a group of intellectuals hailing from different Education and Industrial background forecasted the need of future demands and the survival of the younger generation in the Competitive Global arena. Immediately they felt the need for overall development of an individual, especially new generation students and decided to start their visionary foundation and named it as PDRTF. The dream was right, the plan was perfect and the execution was superb. Today after completing 9000 plus programs in just 20 years of its existence the PDRTF Personality Development research and Training Foundation ® has become the icon of success. The performance of the students, parents and teachers trained under PDRTF reveal the true fact of its training standards. Thus PDRTF has etched the mark of existence in counseling and training world.

  1. The main objective of PDRTF is to empower people towards excellence and success in every walk of life.
  2. PDRTF through it’s unique educative programs help a person realize his/he strengths and capacity and empower them towards success in life.
  3. PDRTF is a multi dimensional solution provider for Students, Teachers, Parents, Employed and Un-employed and any individual or a group.
  4. PDRTF - providing necessary information guidance, training and opportunity.
  5. PDRTF is all about Bridging the gap between the resources and requirements.
  6. In association with BCS, PDRTF has launched and executing a very unique and specialized way of binding the gap between conventional education system and modern education system which is technologically oriented through "Educational Institutional Total Quality Management Module".
  7. PDRTF had tiedup with BCS for provoiding every other technical and technological instruments and solutions through web softwares and power packed technological services.